House of Prayer

” One thing I ask from the Lordthis only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.” (Ps. 27 : 4)

The house of prayer is at the heart of Toda and stands for the first of the four main activities undertaken by the association.

Our prayer Watches

The prayer watches are the first means of expression for the house of prayer. The form may vary (refer hereunder to the description of the watches), but they all have in common the goal to gather the participants close to the heart of God through worship and to have them collaborate in the fulfilment of His will by inviting Him to move in power within them, in the Church and in the world through intercession.

> There are no prayer watches during the holiday <

Our prayer Watches

Shabbat meal

Shabbat meals to connect to our Judeo-Christian roots (Romans 9: 11)

To stand on the gap and pray on behalf of Israel (Isaiah 62: 1-2)

Next meals:

March 6th & May 29th

Prices of the meals are as follow:

0-5 years old: free

5-12 years old: 5 frs/person

From years old: 12: 10 frs/person

A bit of our history

In 2010, the Müller family decides to take on a very practical activity: clean and transform the attic found beneath the roof of their house. Cleared of all sorts of items spread out with disregard under a thick layer of dust, the room thus entirely renovated by Pierre was radiant and only in need of a specific goal.

At the beginning of 2012, the first prayer watch was open to the public. Worship, meditation, intercession… the core components of what still constitutes today our DNA were then already in place. While Anne-France begins, along with other close friends, to elaborate the offer with thematical watches on a weekly basis, God begins to clarify the vision of the ministry: the project is not going to be fulfilled with this upper room.

Through dreams and words of knowledge throughout those past years, it appeared clear that the little attic was only a step towards a larger plan, the house of prayer.

A part of the Müller’s farm was under construction since 2016. Where the horses were once fed, where Pierre used to store his firewood and a few farming machines, we now have a dining hall, a music room and guestrooms will soon be available.


Support the project

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